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Happy Healthy Meal Planner & Recipe Book

Thank you for joining the Happy Healthy Dinner Club! 

If you would like a more personalised approach and meal planner put togther for you to help you understand your persoanl needs. We will get you to complete an on-line consult form and then our qualified team will put it all into a meal planner for you with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks all in our macro meal concepts. This is all about flexabilty with our meal concepts and macro balanced recipe book, teaching you what is right for your body and goals. 

At Happy Healthy we do not tell you what to eat, we teach you how to eat! Our approach is simple, delicious and fun and there is no strict approach this meal planner and is about flexabilty! 

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I cannot thank Jess enough, with her nutrition guidance I managed to halve my body fat% by 14.9% in just 6 months. I gained 3.8kg of muscle and dropped a total of 11.7kg of fat. I also lowered my visceral fat by 5 points into the healthy range and feel amazing. - Jess Kirby

I have lost 7kgs and it is all to my eyes being opened up about nutrition and the correct ways of eating. Jess I can't thank you enough. Totally recommended. - Charlotte Cox

Jessica is extremely passionate about changing people’s lives and breaking the bad habits that society has introduced to us as human beings (2-minute noodles being one, lol). Jess' love for people and helping to get the best out of us through food is second to none. - Pete Lord

Thanks Jess! Im actually stoked about the results this morning. I told myself this morning that i would be happy with a 3kg loss, so 4.3kg is fantastic. I am loving this process so much, and im loving all the learning- especially about the things that are marketed as “healthy” or good for you. It is just plain and simple good food doing its thing and it is so exciting to watch the fat fall off! Thanks so much for all your help and support, this is such a great thing to be a part of, you are killing it Jess! Xx

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